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Reflection tool in Adobe Illustrator

Diagram for blog on reflection tool in IllustratorHere are some special tips for using the Reflection tool in Illustrator.  Firstly using the settings in the tool box and secondly applying the process where you control the axis of reflection.You can learn this and more in  our Illustrator courses.More…Basic:If you select an object and double click the Reflection Tool (hiding under the Rotation Tool), you'll get the dialog box enabling you to choose to reflect in the horizontal or vertical axis, or at an angle, and the option to reflect the current shape of make a copy in the process.Note: horizontal/vertical is referring to the direction of the axis, not the direction in which your object will move. And the angle refers to a mirror line which is a straight line rotated that many degrees anti-clockwise.But, those options work from an axis running through the centre of your object and this is frequently not what you want.  Setting your own axis of reflection:1. If you can see your desired mirror line and don't want to copy the object, just click with the reflection tool in 2 places along that line and your object will jump into it's reflected place.2. If you want to make a copy, click to set the first point and opt/alt click the second. This brings up the dialog box at the same time as setting the axis, and then select Copy.3. If you're happy with reflecting in a horizontal or vertical line but not one through the centre of your object, then just opt/alt click once where your axis is. This will bring up the dialog box. No need for a second click as the rest of the axis is already determined.You can use this for the angled axis if you're a whole lot
smarter than I am and can visualise the angle required.


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