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Why learn Dreamweaver?

With Dreamweaver you can create a website, having access to edit the code as well as enjoying Dreamweaver’s array of tools designed to save you having to write the entire code. More…The best of both worldsIf you want to avoid looking at the code as much as possible, Dreamweaver can do it for you. But we will teach you enough so you understand what's happening in the code and can tweak it if required.If you like to work with the code but want the convenience of easily managing the graphics and of seeing live view as you go, Dreamweaver is the place.If you don’t want to be limited by other people’s templates and want to understand how the coding works behind your website, Dreamweaver is the ideal application for giving you control without you having to write every bit of code. At Grasshopper Graphics & Animation we teach you how it’s done, with Dreamweaver training.CSSLearn to set up style sheets which control the look and layout of your site. We will give you the ability and confidence to take control of this.Responsive LayoutLearn how to create responsive layouts so your site works with mobile and tablet as well as monitor. Understand how to use the styles to make your site look just the way you want with our Dreamweaver courses.


Dreamweaver Level 1 » 2 daysCourse aim:By the end of 2 days all the elements for creating a full working site will be covered. This includes layout for a fixed sized site.Recommended for:Anyone new to creating websites, to HTML code, cascading style sheets and wanting to understand and be able to at least tweak the code which is producing the site. Or you may have created sites but not really understood what was making it work.Content:Managing the workspace, site managementManage sites, uploading filesHTML: code structure • tags • quick tag editor • listsCSS: understand, edit & apply the code • external CSS files • the Box model • FloatsText & graphics: adding, formatting, image formatsSetting up navigation links • anchors • Spry widgetsBasic forms & tablesAdding flash or video if requestedDreamweaver edm » 1 dayCourse aim:This course will focus on the code and set up for email marketing. You will learn to use Dreamweaver, to manage the code and graphics but keeping to the content and version of HTML used in email campaigns.Learn about appropriate graphics for the web. A  Photoshop course is recommended if you have never worked with managing web graphics.Recommended for:Anyone creating their own email direct marketing material. Even if you will use some of the mail marketing companies, understanding what's behind the templates and knowing what is required for  suitable graphics, will ensure your content is appropriate, and minimise the chance of problems.Content includes:Managing Dreamweaver workspace, Manage sitesHTML: code structure • tags • quick tag editor • listsCSS: applying • understanding • editing the code • external CSS files • box model • floatsText & graphics: adding • formatting • image formatsTables.Dreamweaver Responsive layout » 1 dayCourse aim:This course will cover how to set up your site to respond to different devices: mobile, tablet or desktop.Recommended for:Anyone with some familiarity with Dreamweaver and the relevant code, who wants to make their sites adjust to the device upon which they're being viewed.Assumed knowledge:Ability to make sense of HTML and CSS coding, and to edit the code as well as to use Dreamweaver’s panels.Option:If you’re familiar with creating websites in other applications but not working at the code level, then a single day introduction to HTML and CSS may be a sufficient introduction before doing the Responsive layout course.Content includes:HTML: code structureCSS: review • external CSS files • Box model & floatsUsing Media queries and different CSS for each deviceCreating with Dreamweaver’s Fluid Grid Layout

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