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Flash Courses
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Why learn Flash?

With Flash you can create 2D animation, web banners, presentations, and interactive activities. Add ActionScript for more fun and control. More…Why learn Flash:With Flash you can animate properties of your text or graphics: position, colour, shape, size.You can make items and events respond to events either within the animation or controlled by the user.You will learn to use movie clips, buttons and graphic symbols to contain their own animation.Some other applications move things around but with Flash you can add squash & stretch for a more believable effect.What you can create:If you want to create anything from scrolling text and banners to longer animation with scenes and buttons for user control, Flash is a fantastic application for making this happen.With our courses at Grasshopper Graphics & Animation we teach you from the basics, to manage the timeline through to the different levels of control using movie clips and ActionScript.


Flash Level 1 » 2 daysCourse aim:You'll learn to create artwork inside Flash and import artwork; manage the timeline to create animation; use symbols and buttons; control your animation with basic ActionScript commands.You’ll learn how to create presentations, banners, scrolling text and navigation elements, and use ActionScript on buttons to control play.Recommended for:Anyone new to Flash or wanting to work with more understanding and more options. With small classes for just your company, if you have some familiarity with Flash, then there’s the possibility of go further into ActionScript.Content:Creating artwork: drawing modes • primitives • pen tool • paintbrushImporting artwork: options • formats • optimisingSelect • transform shapes • apply & changing colour
using colour palette, swatches, gradients
Text options • MasksAnimation: using the timeline • frames • tweens • easing • onion skin • keyframes • masks • 3D • articulated motion & bonesSymbols: graphic symbol • movie clip • buttons • symbol propertiesActionScript: stop & play • link to files/sites • move play to a specific destinationSound: adding • synchronising • modifyingPublish: settings • formats
Flash Level 2 » 1 dayCourse aim:This course moves into using more advanced ActionScript to create slideshows, interactive navigation, and show/hide options. It covers using Event Listeners, arrays, loops and includes writing our own ActionScript code as well as using Flash’s Code Snippets.Recommended for:Anyone ready to look into basic coding and create interactive animation.Assumed knowledge:Assumes familiarity with Flash to create/import graphics and use the timeline.Content includes:Review: shapes • symbols • tweens • timeline & layersImport graphics • bandwidth profiler • minimising sizeColour effects & filtersText animationScenesActionScript: introduction to AS code • code snippets • interactive navigation • event handlers • link to URL • event listeners • arrays • loops • controlling movie clips • position on stage • show/hide • slideshowsFlash Banners » 1 day or 2 daysCourse aim:Learn the skills needed to create web banners. The basics of creating shapes and applying colour will be covered but the focus is on the timeline, buttons, masks, ActionScript for controlling play and ClickTag.Recommended for:Anyone who has some familiarity with Flash and needs to create web banners.If you have some  experience in the Flash environment then 1 day is sufficient for looking into the specific skills for web banners.Option:Participants with no previous experience should consider doing Level 1 first or have a special 2 day program covering the basics of Flash, emphasizig the specific features most useful for creating web banners.Content:Review: shapes • symbols • tweens • timeline & layersImport graphics • bandwidth profiler • optimisationColour effects & filtersManaging timeline & layers • Text animationActionScript:
code & code snippets • AS2 vs AS3 • stop/play • event handlers • link to URL • show/hide • slideshow

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